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Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid)’s team of Marketing Specialists (GMS) empowers your channel on the Marketplace – enhancing results and delivering them sooner. Located around the globe, they excel in helping resellers tailor your campaigns to local markets.

Learn more about how Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid)’s Marketing Specialists can drive campaign awareness and adoption.

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To optimize channel performance, the GMS focus on getting your partners started with Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid). They also offer personalized marketing advice and provide campaign execution strategies in line with your objectives. They resolve pain-points along the sales journey from initial sign-up through to closing deals.

Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) is on to something. Within any channel you have a wide range of marketing sophistication among partners. So by offering Marketing Specialists, Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) is eliminating any weak links that exist when delivering marketing programs through third party channels.

Leveraging GMS dramatically boosts partner adoption rates, increases reporting visibility, improves ROI, while keeping resellers engaged with your program.

We really appreciate the GMS team’s help. The experience we’ve had has been tailored to our needs and very personal. They take care of all our requests and help us on day-to-day activities. Their suggestions are very valuable.

The Marketing specialists are very helpful and always available for us. They are always on hand to help customize our campaigns and get the most out of Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid).

Our GMS is our tour guide when it comes to using the platform and shaping Ekchuah’s marketing message. We discuss customer needs and he marries it up with campaigns that address customer concerns.

Harish Bailwad,
Pre-Sales Specialist, Aptec

Sarah Hoar,
Marketing Manager,
Avnet Technology Solutions

Cedric Teagler,
CEO, Ekchuah LLC