Campaign Launcher enables your partners to build, customize, and execute their digital marketing programs. Help sales teams generate qualified leads and give them the tools to manage their contacts from lead to close.

Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) marketing automation makes things simple for partners

Personalized, User-Centric Overview

Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) is entirely user-focused. It gives your partners complete control of their campaigns and contacts, while offering suggestions to improve their campaign performance.

Campaigns are Easy to Find and Quick to Launch

Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) Modules are listed clearly, highlighting key features. A simplified search approach helps users find campaigns by type, by solution, by language and even by vendor alliance. The Campaign detail screen tells your partners everything they need to know about the campaign and outlines the user journey from emails and social media to landing page for each module.

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Run Campaigns

Partners can personalize, manage and schedule their campaign blasts from a simple, step-by-step Launch Pad.

Set up who should receive Lead Alerts for follow-up. The Grid sends Lead Alerts in real-time as recipients interact with each Module.

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Manage and Nurture Relationships

Partners can upload and manage their contacts in groups, view direct and indirect leads, and view contacts in detail to explore their level of CRM maturity, specific campaign interactivity and a range of other metrics.

As leads mature into opportunities, your partners can synchronize them with their Salesforce account.

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