Our People


The platform development team are driven by the pursuit of a simplified user experience for all Elastic Grid users. That extends from partners and clients through to the project managers uploading new campaigns. It continues through to integration of third party applications and the creation of new Elastic Grid applications.

Paya Bodaghi

Technical Development Manager

Responsible for leading the direction of software development at Elastic Grid, Paya is a technology enthusiast who starts his day by reading technical articles and books while commuting to work. He began programming when he was 12 and since then he has been involved in all aspects of software development in diverse industries; wearing different hats such as developer, architect and team leader. He enjoys going to the gym and jogging with his dog every night, and kayaking is the main plan for his Sundays. Paya plays the electric guitar whenever he can find an empty slot and tries not to miss any great rock concert.

Lorenzo Princi

Lead UX Designer | CX Team Lead

Lead designer responsible for user experience including brand and interface. Lorenzo has extensive experience designing simple digital solutions for large, complex commercial projects, including e-Commerce, marketing campaigns and content management platforms. In his spare time he works on personal side-projects ranging from web apps, blogs, books and photography to keep his design skills up-to-date.

Nick Cox

Tech lead

Nick is a hands-on technical leader with a passion for innovative software and systems which he brings to work with him every day. He’s’ a full stack developer who very much enjoys exploring new tools technologies on the front and back end. Loves gourmet burgers.

Victor Phung

Senior Software Developer

Victor is an experienced back-end web developer. He is interested in data analytics and machine learning. Victor likes to learn new things and build cool products. In his spare time, he takes his dogs to the park for a run and watch re-runs of classic Simpsons’ episodes.

Roshan Lanewala

Senior Software Developer

Roshan is a very strong and dedicated individual. Someone who is constantly looking to go beyond the limits. Highly self-motivated and confident of his abilities.

Vibhuti Suthar

Software Developer

Back-end web developer responsible for developing and maintaining the Elastic Grid suite of applications. Vibhuti has extensive technical experience with adding new functionality to existing web applications as well as developing new ones. Vibhuti loves constantly updating her technical knowledge. When not reading numerous blogs and books, or watching movies, she works out regularly. She enjoys exploring the city of Sydney and visiting new places. She loves coming to work every day.

Oscar Rijadi

Software Developer

Oscar is an experienced back-end web developer. He loves learning new things, not only about developing applications. Apart from coding, he also likes food hunting and watching movies.

Zsolt Karda

Software Developer

Zsolt is a full-stack developer, specialized in web coding. He spends almost every day experimenting with new web development techniques: dabbling with Python and mobile development while collecting a huge amount information through dozens of RSS feeds. In his spare time, he looks out for scientific articles proving that Elastic Grid would benefit from everyone working outdoors, under large and colorful umbrellas.

Adam Le

DBA/Data Architect

Adam is a DBA/Data Architect. He has experiences in DB2, SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle. In addition to his love for data, he likes travelling around the world and meeting new people.

Marco Perrotta

QA/Test Automation Engineer

Marco focuses on Quality Assurance across the Elastic Grid platform through extensive testing. He is always looking for new opportunities to improve product deliveries, keeping the end-user top of mind. In his spare time, he loves boxing and spending time with his family.

Jignesh Sharma

QA/Test Automation Engineer

As a tester at Elastic Grid, Jignesh is responsible for testing and reporting bugs, which ensures the stability of the platform. He enjoys tackling new tasks and challenges and has experience in automation, manual and API testing and also creates scripts for sanity check of Elastic Grid. Outside of work, Jignesh likes to try new sports and enjoys swimming, reading and socializing.

Yu Wang

Senior QA/Test Automation Engineer

Yu is an experienced Test Engineer. He is reponsible for automating testing processes at Elastic Grid. Yu likes badminton, great food and TV series.

Richard Maligalig

System Training and Support

As Elastic Grid's Technical Support Representative, Richard is responsible for support, training and communication of new features to our internal teams for the Elastic Grid Platform. He has experience in customer service in a range of industries including technology, retail and hospitality. When not solving platform technical issues, Richard enjoys playing sports (Basketball, Cycling, Ultimate Frisbee…or pretty much any outdoor sport) and watching movies.