Our Culture

Work Fun. Play Fun.

Clients choose to work with Elastic Grid because we continue to evolve, with clients we've worked alongside for over a decade now, and newer clients.

As a startup, we went through a period of, shall we say, unbalanced work/life arrangements. Over a decade down the track, we're now more balanced, more focused and ready for the next stage.

That balance is important, because we're in this together, for the long haul. So, whenever the opportunity arises, we try to make work fun.

Learning about our customers' solutions, their partners, and how, together, we can get results that matter, is how we continue to grow.

And our team is growing. Fast. By fostering awareness and understanding of how each team member contributes to the success of Elastic Grid, we continue to evolve, helping our clients and their partners get great Grid results.

If you're new to Elastic Grid, 'Welcome.'
If not, then 'Hello again, old friend.'

Let's get to work.
(And have some fun.)