Our Story

More than a decade ago, in Sydney, Australia, our CEO and Founder, Cameron, observed that beers, rugby, golf, and print ads (pretty much in that order), were the typical IT product marketing manager's list of things to do.

The return on investment? Not quite measurable...

Yes, some great relationship-building went on. We're talking about beer here, after all. But were deals done and revenue raised? Were they all attributable to those activities? Possibly, but how could it be measured? Which activities did, or did not, generate leads and convert those leads into revenue?

Suspecting some significant wastage of marketing funds, our founder created Elastic Digital. The quest began: Create measurable ROI for the B2B IT channel, globally.

The Elastic Digital team discusses the future of B2B Digital Marketing at the original Redfern Office (2007).

With the aim of generating leads efficiently, giving marketers visibility into their marketing ROI, and helping partners convert those leads into revenue, the foundations of Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) were laid.

Over the next decade, along with B2B marketing, Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) evolved.

2014, a new and larger space. The Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) Head Office houses larger teams developing and supporting the Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) product suite, as well as campaign creation.

Where are we today?
Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) gets results.
Happily, with Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid), marketing ROI is now a lot clearer.
(The beer still tastes great, but now it's more in celebration of results, rather than anticipation.)

Where to next?
The evolution of Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) continues, as we build out the platform that simplifies B2B sales and marketing for our clients and their partners.

Onwards and upwards!

Entrance to the new Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) Head Office in Redfern, Australia