Channel Reporting

Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) Analytics can help you devise global, regional and local program strategies, confirm ROI and encourage partner adoption of effective campaigns.

Visual Data

Dynamic vector charts will update your parameters (including time-frame) to help you make sense of complex campaign data. From an overview screen (a snapshot of all your partners' Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) campaign activity), the easy to use interface allows you to see, at a glance, which of your campaigns, regions and partners are performing best.

What Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) Tracks

Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) records all activity from your partners' contacts' campaign interactions as they occur. This allows generation of Lead Alerts in real-time. All data is also stored and available in key reports from Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) Analytics.

Campaign Performance

At the campaign level you can view:




Regional Data

Partner Registrations

Partner Executions

Emails Sent

Emails Delivered

Social Post Performance

Social Channel Performance


Tracked partner and contact engagements include:

CTAs Activated

Lead Qualification

Bounce Rate



Emails Opened

Open Rate

Click-Through Rate