Our Company

Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) was founded on one simple idea: To maximize lead generation for resellers and brands by delivering the first Marketplace used to access, create and publish channel marketing campaigns.

Our journey is one of perpetual motion; always learning, always innovating and always delivering the best channel experience for brands, resellers and end-users.

"Business values define work culture. Work culture drives success."

- Cameron Avery, Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) CEO


In everything we do, there’s a human behind it. Whether it’s improving software, creating campaign content or providing the best solutions to clients and resellers, we remain true to our core values.

Leading by Example

Support and guidance, are the two words the leadership team live by. Promoting an environment of taking responsibility empowers every employee to use their initiative in order to help clients succeed, knowing they have the full support of their managers.

Cameron Avery

Chief Executive Officer


Alojz Kiseli

Chief Operating Officer


Brian Dudley

Chief Revenue Officer


Bray Brockbank

Global Head of Marketing Specialists

Ivan Engelbrecht

Creative Services Lead



Everyone has a voice. Sharing of thoughts and ideas, instilling a sense of ownership, and encouraging team members to ‘ask why?’ to challenge and refine systems and processes has led to a culture of integrity, understanding and trust. With a diverse range of skills and experience, collaboration forms an intrinsic part of the Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) culture, where everyone is seen as an equal contributor to the success and growth of clients, resellers and the company.